Awesome news! History Channel’s Frontiersmen airs soon (March 7th 2018) and Mr. Mykel Hawke is one of the experts who was asked to share his expertise and background. 🇺🇸❤️☺️ Grab some popcorn and gather your friends and the fam!

Here’s the History Channel Frontiersmen Details:

Reposting from Mykel Hawke:
Check out History Channel’s Frontiersmen:
Premieres this WEDNESDAY, 07 MARCH.

Starts at 9 PM until 11 PM, EST
It’s 2 shows, 1 hour each.
They’ll air each WED for this month.

8 Shows in total about the American Legends,
like Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, et al.

It’s sure to be high quality as it’s made by Leonardo DiCaprio
and the folks that made his Oscar winning film, The Revenant.

Here’s a sample if you wanna check it out-

It’ll be filmic re-enactments intertwined with interviews of experts.
I’ll be on some of them as they asked for my expertise and background
as a combat veteran and survival specialist

I think it’s going to appeal to the younger folks, too.
So, perhaps your youngins would like it,
and I hope it will entertain, educate, inform and inspire
as it reminds us all of our roots and heritage as a nation.

***PS- If you can’t tune in to watch or can’t record, you can purchase the whole season of The Frontiersman on the iTunes Store  for only $18.99! GO here to the iTunes Store to purchase the season of The Frontiersman.